MGE Innovation Center Tenants
URP PHASE 2: This carefully choreographed expansion will feature new “Urbanist Design”, which aims for environmentally friendly, walkable neighborhoods where people can both live and work.
Madworks Coworking: A coworking space at URP for mad scientists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students. We offer both shared space and dedicated desk membership plans.
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April 7, 2014

URP was pleased to host a successful Startup Weekend April 4 - 6. Madison's third annual Startup Weekend event assembled entrepreneurial minds from southern Wisconsin and beyond to collaborate on innovative projects and potentially form startup companies.

March 13, 2014
University Research Park is proud to host the 3rd annual Startup Weekend to take place April 4 to 6. Startup Weekend is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to test and hone their startup ideas.


April 7 - September 11, 2014

Physicochemical Characterization, Solubilization and Solid Form Screening for Drug Candidate Selection
April 7-10, 2014

Practical Strategies for Developing Preclinical and Phase 1 Oral Drug Formulations

June 16-29, 2014

Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference
July 21-24, 2014

Land O'Lakes Conference on Drug Metabolism/Applied Pharmacokinetics
September 8-11, 2014